How to Win Her Back from Her Sugardaddy

My ex-fiance has a sugardaddy now and she says there is a possibility of us getting back together, but I would like to find a sugarmomma and get my affairs in order so we can get back together. Am I naive to think that there is any possibility of us getting back together or should I just move on? – Jeremy

Good for your ex-fiancée, and good for you, Jeremy. Having a sugarmama or sugardaddy is a responsible way to get your finances in shape. And it’s way more fun than clipping coupons!

As for reuniting with your ex, anything is possible. Though, if you want to increase your odds of success, improving your financial status will help. Nothing is sexier to a woman than the words, “Check out my stock portfolio, sweet thang.”

So, go ahead. With the help of a lovely sugarmomma, you could soon have a whole range of mutual funds, real estate, and stock. And that increases your value to all women. People are animals: they go after the tastiest option, whether that’s aged beef or young veal. Either way, we gotta eat.

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